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“UNIQUE PARTNERS SEASON” on the Global IndiaGold online platform.

The ideal time to expand and strengthen structures.

The opportunity to form an effective business team.

The best moment to demonstrate your leadership skills.

Gold as a reward for successes!


To succeed in the “UNIQUE PARTNERS SEASON”, you need to follow two rules:

1. Demonstrate activity on a daily basis.

2. Do not give up in the face of difficulties.


It is the difficulties that we will talk about today. Every Direct Seller faces them from time to time when trying to attract new clients. Lack of interest, unwillingness to listen, constant rejections…

Such a state of affairs often forces one to surrender and give up. You start blaming yourself, believing that you are not good enough.

There’s one simple fact: entrepreneurs are made, not born — it’s the process of hard work. The path to success begins with mastering the skill of communication with clients. So, the first question you need to ask yourself: what type of client should you look for?


Steer your efforts in the right direction

Newbies in business often offer their products or services to everyone around them. Such an approach later leads to frustration. It should be understood that any product always has a target audience. There is no product that fits all without exception.

Admit it, it is rather pointless to offer car accessories to someone who does not have a car. Moreover, it is hardly worth describing the benefits of an exclusive kitchen set to a person who barely has enough money to pay utility bills. Do not try to make the whole world interested in what you sell. Focus on those people who really need what you offer.


Identify your target audience

Picture a person who will become a worthy member in your business. Be specific: how does this person look and what does he or she wear, where does this person live and work, how does this person spend his or her free time? Think about what client’s problems can your product solve? Write down everything that comes to mind. The data obtained will help you to portray a clear image of the client from your target audience.


Make a detailed list using this information. It may look like this:

1. Gender.

2. Age.

3. Family status.

4. Income level.

5. Dreams and aspirations.

6. Short-term and long-term goals.

7. Existing problems, etc.

Make several lists of the same kind to categorize all types of people that suit you. The lists will help you to ask the right questions during the negotiations and quickly determine the prospects of potential clients. Focus on self-reliant and active individuals who seek self-development and set high goals.


Trust yourself

You yourself once had to choose, you evaluated the options and eventually opted for the business with Global IndiaGold. Recall the reasons why you chose it, what was your decision based on? Acknowledge your achievements and goals.

Find a person who shares your attitude towards life, who is in a similar position and agrees with your point of view. Such a person can become not only a valuable client, but also your Partner in business.


Learn to accept rejection

It is hard to keep your spirit high, especially if you hear “NO” for the tenth time in a row. Sometimes it may seem that you have found the ideal client, yet the final answer is “NO”. There is nothing wrong with that. Such episodes help to hone skills and build character.


If you have a fear of rejection, ask yourself two questions:

1. What happens if I hear “NO”? The answer is: nothing. You will not suffer in any way, life will go on. Then why should you worry?

2. What happens if, because of my fear, I don’t even try? The answer is: you will miss a lot of opportunities and you certainly won’t achieve anything.


If someone says “NO” to you, it only means that now your offer seems irrelevant. Later the situation may change, and when a person decides that the time has come to use the opportunities provided by Global IndiaGold — he or she will know whom to turn to.


Use the help of colleagues

Remember that you are not alone, you have a team of like-minded individuals, many of whom already have extensive experience in attracting new clients. If you have difficulty in identifying your target audience, seek help from the Leaders. They will gladly share tips and their proven techniques. There’s no need to overcome obstacles on your own if you are surrounded by teammates who are ready to help you every step of the way, right?


The success of your business depends on those people who surround you. When attracting a new client, keep in mind that you are nurturing a future team Partner with whom you will be moving towards a big goal. The choice of candidates for this role should be taken seriously. Identify a range of people for potentially enjoyable and effective cooperation, and the results will surprise you!




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Published: 26.05.2021
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