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The success of a business largely depends on the leader. A strong leader is behind every successful company.

A person who is endowed with communication skills, self-confidence and charm can influence others, create and maintain high morale in the team and motivate it to move in the right direction.

To be persuasive in the eyes of employees, the leader must have a clear goal, see a common perspective and know how to lead the company to success.


An example of a worthy leader — Ratan Tata

One notable example of a strong leader is Ratan Tata, a well-known Indian industrialist and entrepreneur, former chairman of the Tata Group. Despite technical and financial difficulties, he was able to carry out an ambitious project — the launch of his own production of passenger cars. Tata Indica was the company’s first passenger hatchback, which was fully designed and manufactured in India. Subsequently, it became a great success in the local market and was even exported abroad.



Ratan Tata thought strategically and elaborated long-term development plans that helped the company become a world leader in various industries. He actively supported innovation and technological progress. He was also known for giving his subordinates free rein and supporting them in making risky decisions. By demonstrating confidence, he encouraged the team to take initiative and think outside the box.

This example shows how a charismatic leader can inspire his team and change industry dynamics by implementing ambitious projects.


What makes a strong leader?

To keep a team motivated and engaged in the work process, a leader must have the following traits:

1) good oratory skills: the ability to clearly express the thoughts and plans of the company, eliminating possible misunderstandings on the part of employees.

2) high level of emotional intelligence: the leader must be sensitive to the emotions of other people and must be able to create an atmosphere in which others feel heard and understood.

3) the ability to make the right decisions: this skill fosters the formation of trust and respect for the leader, while positive results strengthen the team’s faith in success.


Success Framework Workbook

Success Framework Workbook will become a valuable aid in the development of leadership skills. This business tool will help:

  • set clear goals;

  • devise a strategy for achieving success;

  • develop the analytical thinking necessary for a leader;

  • gain confidence in yourself and your actions.

By regularly working with Workbook, you will focus on the key thing, stop wasting time on unnecessary tasks and avoid serious mistakes. You will become more decisive and persuasive in the eyes of the team.


Become a strong leader together with Success Framework Workbook!



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Published: 02.08.2023
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