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Dear Direct Sellers!

Right now is the ideal time for strengthening and expanding structures!

Since April 30, 2021, the Global IndiaGold online platform has been holding


The exclusive event is part of the “FAST START” promotion and allows Direct Sellers to make a powerful breakthrough in business development.

Create a team of unique Partners and get a special remuneration for their accomplishments:


Running business on the Global IndiaGold online platform is a team game. A motivated and correctly chosen team makes up 90% of success.

The way how relationships are built in your structure is of paramount importance. If every member of the structure is well informed about all the platform features and is determined to take action, the chances of success increase manifold!

That’s why it is important to pay special attention to the formation of the structure. Every invited client of yours is not just a person who purchased something and brought you remuneration once. Such a client is a potential business Partner with whom you can join forces and move towards a common goal. It is in your best interest to establish partnerships with him/her and reach new heights in business together.


Here are three steps that will help every Direct Seller form a cohesive and effective team:

1. Attract energetic and active people to the structure.

Pay attention to those who have clear goals in life, who are not inclined to sit around, who are ready to try something new. Such individuals will become valuable members of your team.

2. Encourage invited clients to become Direct Sellers.

If you’ve invited a client who had purchased a Global IndiaGold product, that’s great! But you mustn’t stop there. Be sure to inform the client that the purchase of the product grants him/her access to the marketing program. Tell the client about the advantages of cooperating with the online platform and persuade him/her to get a Direct Seller status. This will add another promising member to your team.

3. Communicate and keep in touch.

For a group of like-minded people, coherence and a shared positive attitude are important. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly communicate, share information and coordinate actions. Help your Partners, monitor their successes and setbacks, give advice and discuss the company’s products and special projects with them.


Join the “Unique Partners Season” and create a business team of your dreams!

Tell your personal invitees about this opportunity and take your cooperation to the next level!



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Published: 12.05.2021
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