How to improve self-esteem and reach the goal
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“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”

Author, lecturer Zig Ziglar


Success stories

The famous Indian actress Priyanka Chopra went a difficult path before she began to shine on the red carpet and conquer the audience at the Oscar and Golden Globe movie ceremonies. Her self-esteem suffered greatly when, at the age of 13, she came to the United States to study. Classmates spoke cruelly and rudely about her appearance and origin. As a result of the bullying, at that time the girl wanted to become invisible, and only subsequent events helped to change her attitude towards herself. Priyanka managed to win beauty contests and successfully acted in films.


Imagine the feelings of a person who was kidnapped by bandits... What could the person feel if he/she had to hide from terrorists at night? Is it possible after such trials to build an empire that elevates its owner to the 6th place in the Forbes list? Yes, if that person believes in himself and his name is Gautam Adani. According to Bloomberg, the net worth of the Indian businessman exceeds $100 billion.


Your self-esteem

The basis of your achievements and success is what you think about yourself. The main quality that must be developed is confidence. Your results directly depend on how you feel about yourself. If you act confidently, boldly, persistently, then your self-esteem is at the proper level. In this case, you are more likely to succeed. And no matter what obstacles you face on your path, you will certainly achieve high results.

If you often have doubts about yourself, if you do not dare to take action, then it is better to work on your confidence. Low self-esteem does not allow you to build healthy relationships with people and blocks career growth. To strengthen self-trust, check out these tips for boosting self-esteem.


5 tips:

1) Write down your own achievements and celebrate small victories. Even small accomplishments that you remember will do you a good turn in the future. Find those who will be able to cheer you up in difficult times and inspire you to new worthy deeds.

2) Help others, because the support of others makes you feel better. By doing a good deed, do favors to those who could not cope without you. A sincere attitude, openness and the ability to support a loved one are the main qualities that affect self-esteem and help you realize who you are in this world.

3) Do something that you are not accustomed to. For example, you have never flown a hot air balloon because you are afraid of heights. Climb to a high observation deck during your next travel, look at the world under your feet and make sure that you are not afraid at all. And the beautiful view is breathtaking! You were able to overcome fear, you can do more!

4) Talk about your own desires. Be sure to say what makes you happy. More often than not, this advice works well with people who are uncomfortable with saying “no.” Confidence that you are able to defend your boundaries, to break the mould, helps to feel like a strong person.

5) Define what “success” means to you. Think about what you really want in life, in relationships, in your career... Write down these thoughts. You will understand that the method works when you find out that you know exactly what your next step will be.


Success Framework Workbook tool

The modern tool created on the scientific basis of the most important researches will help you to look differently at what is happening in your life: in your family, career, relationships and business. Workbook contributes to successful formation of a secure future and creation of your own rules to achieve the desired impressive result.

By working with Workbook and writing down all your steps, you will develop a personal strategy for interacting with those people who will help you rise to a higher level and will not waste time in toxic relationships.


Success Framework Workbook is a life-changing technology.

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Published: 03.08.2022
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