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Imagine that you have a task in some area which is rather unfamiliar to you. What will motivate you to find a solution? The opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in the course of work? Or the anticipation of receiving praise and earning everyone’s admiration? It all depends on the type of mindset that prevails in you.


1. Mindset aimed at learning

Representatives of this mindset are driven by the desire to learn new things, expand their horizons and the boundaries of their competence. Such people are indifferent to praise, their main goal is to master additional knowledge and skills.


  • you devote a lot of time to learning new information, not only for the sake of practical benefit, but also for pleasure;

  • you are often approached for the necessary information, because you are considered a well-read and erudite person;

  • when faced with a difficult task or an unfamiliar topic, you are not afraid, but feel joyful excitement.


  • a continuous development;

  • a calm attitude to criticism (in it you see a source of valuable information);

  • strengthening of long-term memory.


  • the likelihood of spending a lot of time studying something useless that will not come in handy in life;

  • the risk of emotional burnout due to constant mental stress.


2. Mindset aimed at receiving validation

For people with such a mindset, the best motivator is a positive assessment of their work, recognition and approval from others.


  • you feel uplifted when you receive positive comments from colleagues, business partners or superiors;

  • you attach great importance to what others think of you;

  • you use every opportunity to help or teach other people something.


  • an attentive attitude to the mood of others;

  • responsiveness;

  • well-developed short-term memory.


  • an excessive dependence on the opinions of others;

  • the risk of experiencing great disappointment if your actions are not positively assessed.


Have you already determined which mindset is typical for you?

It cannot be argued that one of them is better, as both have strengths and weaknesses. Properties of one type or another may alternately manifest, but one always dominates over the other.

If you understand which mindset pattern prevails in you, you can improve some aspects of your life.

Firstly, it will be easier for you to find the right motivation. When you can’t force yourself to work, remember what inspires you more: learning or validation. In such a way you will find the perfect incentive to get to work as soon as possible.

Secondly, you will improve your communication skills. Often conflicts arise due to the fact that people with different mindsets cannot agree. Understanding your own motivation will help you better understand the needs of other people and find a common ground with them.


What’s next?

The next step — train systematic thinking skills.

Whether you are more inclined towards learning or receiving validation, you will increase your personal effectiveness if you learn to think systematically.

The special Success Framework Workbook tool helps you see important details that previously eluded your attention, because it is in the details that the seeds of success are hidden.

The ability to see unique opportunities where they are not at all obvious is a valuable skill for any ambitious individual. With the help of Workbook, you will learn to see the system in everything that surrounds you.


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Published: 07.09.2022
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