Secrets of effective teamwork
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Rahul Dravid, former Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian national team, once said: “No dream is ever chased alone”.

Moving towards success is teamwork, both in sports and business alike.

So, what do you have to know about your team to enter the Major League of business?


Not everyone will work as much as you do

One of the greatest advantages of our business is that each Direct Seller sets his/her own goals.  

This means that some people will devote themselves entirely to business development, while others will consider it as a source of additional income. And that’s ok either way!


YES to Leaders — NO to bosses

Most people love our business because there is no boss: you fulfill your own dreams and not somebody else’s, you choose your working schedule and place of work, how much money you earn... You are your own boss!

But at the same time, people (particularly those who have little work experience) need guidance. They need a strong Leader to look up to. Be that Leader, but don’t boss around!


Encouragement and support

Some people will need more support than others. But the fact is that not all clients can rely on family or friends in business, because they feel misunderstood. So, therefore they rely on you. Help them self-actualize and achieve tangible results!


Experience and training

Very few newcomers have previous experience in this type of business. At first, the invited people need time and your help to understand the intricacies of the work. But if you make enough effort, your patience will be rewarded with dedicated Partners joining the structures!


Money doesn’t grow on trees

There will be a few people who don’t understand that: they want to make money without doing anything and complain if after a couple of weeks they haven’t earned a million.

Help them understand that money isn’t a gift, but a reward — if you want to make money, you have to work diligently. As simple as that.


Good people

People in our business have a heart of gold. These are the ones who have joined us to help their families, loved ones and thousands of people across the country achieve Financial Security.

Reciprocate their sincere impulse, and then your cooperation will become not only productive, but also enjoyable!



Now is the most favorable period for building an effective team. The conditions of “UNIQUE PARTNERS SEASON” help to attract way more people to the business, giving them powerful motivation and tangible aid in achieving their goals.

Team spirit, mutual assistance and relationships within the structure reach a fundamentally different level, when the success of one person automatically means overall success. Right now, this is happening especially clearly in the Global IndiaGold community of Direct Sellers: active entrepreneurs receive a valuable reward not only for personal merits, but also for the merits of the Partners invited. And this reward is gold bars of the highest fineness!


Did you wait for the ideal moment to build or expand your dream team?






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Published: 30.06.2021
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