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In a constantly changing world, the person himself/herself must also change. Continuous development, expanding horizons, mastering new skills and improving old ones — all this is necessary for those who seriously count on success.

However, in the cycle of everyday worries, it is not always possible to find time and motivation for personal development. How to make yourself become better, wiser, more purposeful every day? Here are five recommendations from Global IndiaGold.


1. Come up with morning and evening rituals

When the alarm clock rings early in the morning, a temptation to turn it off and take another 10-20-minute nap is great. You try to put off the moment when you have to get out of bed and do important things.

Sounds familiar? This is what millions of people around the world do. Being sleepy and moody, they start a new day.

Special rituals help overcome morning apathy, they help you focus on positive aspects, while bringing your mind into an active state.

Anything can become such a ritual: exercising, reading a few pages of your favorite book, thinking about your goals. Performing simple tasks allows you to focus, get rid of drowsiness and channel energy in the right direction.

The same applies to the evening. You need a ritual that will help reset the brain, tune in to rest and go to bed in a calm state of mind.

Rituals bring certainty to life — you know exactly how your day will start and how it will end.


2. Make feedback effective

Don’t be afraid to ask people questions that can give you valuable information.

For example, you were interviewed for a new position, but in the end another applicant was hired. Be sure to ask the employer why your candidacy was rejected. Perhaps you lack some knowledge, skills or just perseverance.

After receiving feedback, you will understand what needs to be learned and what skills must be improved in order to increase personal effectiveness.


3. Don’t spend too much time on your smartphone

If you use a smartphone for work, then everything is fine. But people often spend a lot of time aimlessly scrolling social media feeds or playing online games.

There are special applications called time trackers that track how many hours a day you spend on the device. For example, you found out that a smartphone takes 1-2 hours of your time every day. In such a case, make a list of useful things that you could do during this time.

It may turn out that finding time to play sports, learn a new language, read 100 books on self-development is much easier than it seems. It is enough not to overuse the smartphone.


4. Be alone sometimes

It is difficult to concentrate, being constantly surrounded by people and information flows. Try to find a secluded place and stay there for at least 20-30 minutes a day to take a break from the hustle and bustle and streamline your thoughts.

Even a short time spent alone helps to:

  • relax;

  • relieve stress;

  • focus;

  • set priorities;

  • strengthen self-confidence.


5. Keep a motivational notebook

Write down all your dreams, goals and ideas in it. Review your notebook regularly, adding new thoughts and correcting the old ones.

At the Dominican University of California, an experiment was carried out: 269 people from different countries, representing different professions, were divided into groups. Some wrote down their goals in detail, while others did not.

The results showed that those subjects who wrote down their goals were significantly more likely to achieve them than those who did not.

Keeping records on a regular basis has been found to increase the likelihood of getting things done by 42%.

To ensure that your records are not chaotic, but represent a logical system, we recommend using Success Framework Workbook. A special tool combines learning materials for self-development and a workbook.

By using the Success Framework methodology, you realize the degree of influence of various factors on your life and professional activity. This will help formulate goals, objectives and ideas, taking into account all the important details. Your ideas will become more structured, forming the basis for successful and productive actions.




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Published: 11.08.2022
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