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The stories of successful startups stir up imagination. The prospect of coming up with a grand idea, implementing it and earning millions looks very attractive. But we must keep in mind that only projects that were able to make a profit are well-known. One can only guess how many attempts failed, causing serious losses to the organizers.

Perhaps right now you are at a crossroads: whether to become a Global IndiaGold Direct Seller or take the risk of starting your own business? We will not assert that a startup is a bad idea. But this way of earning and self-realization is far from being suitable for everyone. At the same time, the marketing program on the Global IndiaGold platform is designed to give an opportunity to the widest possible circle of people, regardless of gender, age and experience, to discover their entrepreneurial talent and start earning as quickly as possible.

Just compare the data below and decide what suits your interests best.



Money expenses: often high

A startup is always an innovative project, and usually innovations are not cheap. Therefore, startupers take loans or look for investors to finance development. Be ready to defend the viability of your innovative idea in front of people who can invest money in your project.

Risk level: high

According to statistics, only 1% of startups pay off the money invested and make a profit. For the result to be positive, your idea must be truly unique and in demand in the market.

Work intensity: high

It will take a lot of effort to achieve a result in due time before competitors do so. Get ready for the fact that you will have to work day and night, and investors will constantly rush you.



Money expenses: moderate

It doesn’t take a huge investment to join our business. For example, to participate in the marketing table Lite, it is enough to order the Success Framework Workbook for 8,400 rupees. You do not need to develop anything from scratch — we provide a ready-made marketing program and products for promotion.

Risk level: minimum

Even if the business does not live up to expectations for some reason, you will still have a rewarding experience and a quality product that is definitely worth the money invested. 

Work intensity: depends on your decision

You are not required to meet any performance rate. Enjoy complete freedom of action: work as much as you want, when you want and where you want.

Learn the example of what people achieve when they fruitfully use all the opportunities provided by the online platform.



cooperation with Global IndiaGold and work on a startup can be beneficially combined!


Nothing prevents you from being a Direct Seller and developing your own project at the same time. Moreover, a business on the online platform will help to accumulate funds for the implementation of your idea and gain invaluable experience in entrepreneurial activity, attracting clients, and business communication. All this will be useful in the future for the effective implementation of whatever you have conceived.


Well, have you already made a decision?

Then forward — to success!




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Published: 26.10.2022
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