The iceberg illusion: what success is really like
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Have you ever heard of the “iceberg illusion”? It is both the perfect explanation of how one actually achieves success and why some people expect to succeed overnight.

An iceberg is a large block of ice floating freely in the ocean. But if you come across one, you will only see its small surface part and not the large block hiding underwater.

Well, the same happens with success: people only see the result and pay no attention to everything you have done to get there. Meanwhile, diligent and constant work is the driving force behind all the achievements.



What does the environment see? Only 20%


If you have already achieved success, then you travel around the world, work with outstanding people, spend all the time you want with your family and friends, a lot of people respect you... and much more! You are the image of success, wealth, happiness and confidence.

Was that a piece of cake? Not exactly. This is what people don’t see:

  • Persistence

Working against all odds! Overcoming any and all obstacles on the way to your goal, as you keep pushing onwards.

  • Failure 

Embracing failure. If you fall 7 times, stand up 8. Those who have succeeded have fallen more times than anyone else, yet they had always gotten up and carried on.

  • Risk

High results are achieved by those who are not afraid to try something new and boldly step out of their usual comfort zone towards prospects that open up.

  • Disappointment

Not everything goes exactly as you expect in your life. You have to learn to accept and adapt to changes and unexpected turns of events, and then keep moving forward.

  • Discipline

Every day you need to work, learn new things, improve your set of skills, find like-minded people...

  • Selfless work

In today’s fast world, we want everything here and now, and sometimes quit too soon when that doesn’t actually happen. Keep in mind that all success stories happened because of hard work.

  • Dedication

Staying committed to your goals, your principles, your vision of development, your team.

  • Useful habits

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is key to being productive. Sleep well, eat right, do exercise, etc. And of course, do everything with passion!


The underwater part of the iceberg should not scare a purposeful individual. With each new victory, with each step forward, it becomes easier to overcome difficulties and reach the top. This is facilitated by effective mindset that can be developed independently, by trial and error, or a special tool can be used instead — SUCCESS FRAMEWORK WORKBOOK.


The tool is based on a special methodology that takes into account the main factors of success. By using the Workbook, you will understand which way of thinking and acting brings you closer to what you want, and you will be able to clearly calculate your moves.


Stop wandering the winding paths!


Turn the path to your goal into an expressway with the help of




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Published: 03.08.2021
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