What will help you avoid procrastination? 4 steps
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Procrastination is a problem that many of us face

Procrastination and lack of motivation are serious barriers on the path to success and achieving your goals. We often put off important tasks, finding various excuses for ourselves. And as a result, we experience stress and feel a sense of anxiety due to unfulfilled obligations.


How to get rid of this bad habit?

Step 1. Accept the fact that you are a procrastinator.

Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself that sometimes you put off doing important things. It’s normal: we all do it now and then. Piers Steel, author of “The Procrastination Equation”, says that 95 percent of people are procrastinators.

Step 2. Determine the motivation for which you are ready to change.

Think about what you could achieve if you didn’t procrastinate? You would read dozens of new books. You would learn a foreign language. You would acquire skills that would change your life for the better. And there are a huge number of such examples.
When you realize that procrastination is robbing you of your dreams, you will truly want to get rid of it.


Step 3. Understand the causes of procrastination.

There are many reasons why a person may procrastinate. Some of the most common ones are:

  • fear of failure (fear of not being able to complete a task because it seems too difficult);

  • perfectionism (the inability to start a new task because the current task is not completed perfectly, but merely well enough);

  • insufficient understanding of the significance of the task (false perception that the matter can be postponed, because it is not that important).

Step 4. Find a way to overcome this problem.

If you’ve already completed the first three steps — great, you’re moving in the right direction! Now all you have to do is find a specific way to combat procrastination and start taking action.

We know what you need, and that is Success Framework Workbook!

This is a modern tool based on scientific research. Studying it will tell you how to use time effectively and also give you a new perspective on what’s going on in your personal and professional life.

Advantages of Success Framework Workbook:

  • helps you clearly set goals and priorities. When a person has a clear idea of what he/she wants to achieve, it motivates him/her to take action, and therefore reduces the likelihood of procrastination;

  • contains advice and knowledge you need to achieve your dreams. With their help, you will confidently develop as a professional and as a person;

  • gives you the opportunity to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you determine which skills you need to develop first;

  • helps to find internal and external sources of motivation. This makes completing tasks a more conscious and fun process.


Success is closer when you use Success Framework Workbook!

It increases self-confidence and helps you effectively manage your life through the development of interpersonal leadership skills.

Stop being a hostage to procrastination! With Success Framework Workbook, you can overcome all obstacles and move forward towards your goals and dreams.

Take a step towards a successful future today!

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Published: 06.12.2023
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