Why do happy people earn more?
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Does success make a person happy, or does the feeling of happiness lead to success? What do you think?

In search of the answer to this question, American scientists Paul B. Lester, Martin Seligman and Ed Diener conducted a large-scale research that lasted five years. Over the years, psychologists have been able to collect data on the achievements and failures of a million people.


The final conclusion: it is happiness that becomes the cause of success, and not vice versa.

Researchers note that happy people are more likely to become leaders, show themselves better in teamwork and cope with tasks more effectively. In addition, they have good health, are more motivated, think creatively and easily build relationships with others.

So, when moving up the career ladder, you should ask yourself: “Am I happy?” If you cannot answer in the affirmative, it is worth working on improving your own psychological well-being.

Everyone understands the word “happiness” in their own way. For some, it means having a big, close-knit family. For others — a well-paid job or excellent health. However, research conducted by Global IndiaGold has shown that any person’s level of joy, confidence and optimism increases if he/she knows that he/she moves towards his/her goal in the right way.

When you are not tormented by fears and doubts, when the choice is simple and obvious, all this gives strength and helps to have a positive outlook on life. You feel happier, and the chances of getting the desired result are much higher.


How to reach the state that will bring you closer to success?


You had already taken the first step when you came to the Global IndiaGold platform. A unique Success Framework Workbook tool is available in our online store. It attunes the mindset to search for optimal solutions, teaches one to find convenient opportunities in an unforeseen life situation.

By becoming wiser and more farsighted, you will boost self-esteem and improve psychological well-being. It will become easier for you to make the right choice and move towards the goal in a confident, energetic manner.




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Published: 07.12.2022
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