Winner’s psychology: setting up for success
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We continue to talk about what kind of mindset contributes to personal and career growth.


1. Discover yourself

Getting to know yourself is, perhaps, of the utmost importance. Who hasn’t ever wondered what to do for a living or what is he/she actually good at?

You just need to discover your strengths and weaknesses and explore your inclinations to answer these questions. Listen to your heart!


2. Take responsibility for your life

Taking responsibility requires a lot of effort, but once you’ve learned to do it, you will be able to control your life fully. No more excuses and blaming it on the circumstances and the people around you!

Only once you learn to be responsible for every decision you take, will you wake up to a new and better tomorrow.


3. Embrace the fact that not all things work out as planned

The world around us is not picture-perfect, but that doesn’t mean you should give up or stop pursuing greater goals. The key is in planing, setting new goals and pursuing them while learning to improvise and adapt to circumstances as not all things go down without a hitch.

And don’t be afraid of changes: the path to achievement of the impossible lies through the uncertainty!


4. Overcome obstacles by moving forward

We all face difficulties and obstacles, but what matters is how we see and overcome them, and whether we keep moving forward. Success is for those who don’t give up!

With effort and persistence, even the most difficult, seemingly hopeless situation can be made into a triumph!


5. Perceive life as a journey

A journey full of dangers and twists, but also surprises and adventures that are totally worth it.

And remember that you choose where to lead your boat and how fast to row. Yes, there will be rapids and waterfalls on the way, you may sometimes run aground, but you will learn something new at every step and grow in useful experience.


6. Don’t stress out if things don’t go well in the beginning

Did you know that you don’t need to be an expert from the beginning if you want to achieve something? You do need, however, to become one eventually, and to accomplish that, you’ll have to start taking action right now.

Whichever your first step is — an article, a speech, a presentation... anything — it may not be a roaring success, but it will with time and practice. Experience shows that practice makes perfect!


7. Not quite perfect? Don’t worry: you got it done nonetheless

Sticklers for perfection have it hard in this imperfect world. Those who settle for nothing short of ideal may never finish their work — or outright fail to work up the guts to start doing anything for fear of falling short of their own expectations.

Finish what you start by all means necessary. Don’t quite like the result? No problem: you will take a different approach next time and do better. Slowly but surely.


8. Don’t put off success until later

Success comes to those who take action now and are not afraid to make mistakes. Don’t wait until you have the courage to get down to business. Courage, confidence and experience are gained as you work on your goals. Do not be tormented by doubts, wondering when the cherished “ideal moment” needed for realizing the plan would come. It has already come, because there is no better time for accomplishments than the present.

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Published: 14.07.2021
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