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How innovative entrepreneurship is changing the perception of business.


In recent years, India has seen a significant increase in the number of talented young entrepreneurs bringing fresh ideas to the commercial landscape. The new generation is dramatically changing the idea of what a successful business should look like today.

In 2024, India was ranked fifth among the most start-up friendly countries in the world, reflecting the rapid development of private businesses in the country. India’s budding entrepreneurs don’t just dream — they take action decisively and achieve impressive results. And some of them travel along this path before they even reach the age of 30!

Fresh ideas, endless energy and a forward-thinking approach help start-up founders turn their ambitious plans into reality and succeed in everything — from e-commerce to online education.

Peyush Bansal: from secretary to company owner

The future millionaire began his career as a humble secretary. The young man repeatedly faced various kinds of difficulties, but willpower and perseverance helped him overcome all obstacles. At the same time, Peyush did not forget about self-development: at night he studied textbooks on programming.

Before finding his true calling, the young man managed to be the owner of a small company that assisted students in finding housing and work. However, Peyush soon turned his attention to the eyewear industry, believing that there was huge untapped potential in this area.

The young entrepreneur’s observations led to the launch of Lenskart company in 2010. After some time, Peyush’s business grew into an international chain of optical stores. Lenskart even launched its own brand named John Jacobs.

Byju Raveendran: a revolutionary learning app

A lucky chance helped Byju Raveendran find his place in life. After receiving his Bachelor of Technology degree, he helped friends prepare for exams. The young man soon realized that his true calling was related to education. Byju’s approach to teaching was unique: he focused on simplifying complex problems and creating an exciting learning environment.

Raveendran’s passion for teaching led him to create BYJU’S, a virtual platform that provides access to interactive learning materials and makes learning fun.

Byju’s desire to make education accessible to millions of students has led his company to become one of the leading providers of online education in India and abroad.

Vineeta Singh: nothing is impossible

A few years ago, no one believed in Vineeta Singh’s success. However, this determined girl managed to prove what she was capable of. Refusing a high position in a bank, Vineeta chose to start her own business and founded SUGAR Cosmetics.

Thanks to her unbending will and self-belief, Vineeta Singh has become one of the leading figures in the Indian beauty industry. In 2021, the girl was included in the list of the most powerful women according to Forbes India. The talent of an entrepreneur and interest in innovation have helped SUGAR Cosmetics become one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic brands in India.

At first glance, the success stories of Peyush Bansal, Byju Raveendran and Vineeta Singh are different from each other. But all young entrepreneurs have a few things in common — perseverance, hard work and innovative thinking. Thanks to these qualities, they were able to achieve their goals.

Success is not a privilege for a select few. Every person has inner potential, regardless of age. By believing in themselves, everyone can make their dreams come true. Ritesh Agarwal and Flipkart founders who also began their journey into the world of big business with start-ups, also know this firsthand.

The road to success begins with the first step. And you can take this step today. Good luck on your journey!

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Published: 15.05.2024
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