Please welcome: WAY OF SUCCESS SET!
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Dear clients and Direct Sellers!

For the first time in the history of our business, we are providing a set with an instant remuneration feature:


Success Framework Workbook + Gold Lite Kit Bar 1.00 g X 8


We want business to bring you enjoyment, inspiration and satisfaction from regular victories. The new set is designed for everyone who is ready to take action and get fast, consistent results. Thanks to the WAY OF SUCCESS SET, your efforts are instantly rewarded!

For the sale of the set a Direct Seller immediately receives 2,000 bonuses, without waiting for the table to close.

A client who buys a WAY OF SUCCESS SET receives gold, the book, 15,000 points and a place in the GoldSet Lite table. This entitles him/her to join the Global IndiaGold Direct Sellers team and start earning.

After the table is closed, buying only 1 gram of gold is enough in order to be placed in the new Lite table and continue the business.


for every 5 purchases of WAY OF SUCCESS SET, the buyer receives an additional reward — 

a gold bar weighing 1 gram!*

* The additional reward is accrued in case the buyer becomes or already is a Direct Seller of the Global IndiaGold platform.

There are no weak people — there are weak wishes. Do not be afraid to wish for more, think big, use all available opportunities. Global IndiaGold provides effective tools for the achievement of the success you dream of.


ATTENTION: the number of sets is limited!

Now everything is in your hands!

Start the year efficiently!




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Published: 18.01.2023
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Dr. A. Rahaman
Dr. A. Rahaman
Very good
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